20+ Elegant 50th Birthday Party Favors & Giveaway Ideas [Souvenirs] for Your Guests (2018)

What’s the first thing you do when you turn 50?

Find a retirement home? Buy a new cane? Get dental prosthesis?

… Just kidding! 

50 is the new 20!

The first thing you do is… throw the party of course!

I mean, you’re half a century old for Christ’s sake… That calls for a celebration!

So, pick up the phone, call your friends & family, and invite them to the party…

Let me know when you’re done, so you and I can go ahead and find some elegant 50 birthday party favors for your guests.

… You’re done already?!

OK then! Let’s go find some cool souvenirs for your 50 birthday party, shall we?

Note: Some of these favor ideas contain affiliate links. Which means that if you choose to buy any of these favors – you’ll do me a small favor too and support my site… yaaay 🙂

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21+ Unique 21st Birthday Party Favor Ideas for an Unforgettable Party (2018)

It’s your 21st birthday…

Let’s get the party started!

Hang on there, tiger… aren’t you forgetting something?

… You want an UNFORGETTABLE 21st birthday party, right?

[And If you’re the parent of a 21-year-old, newsflash – that’s exactly what your child wants]

Well, guess what – I bet there’s going to be quite a bit (a bit?) of alcohol involved… so you can kiss “unforgettable” goodbye…

Because once the alcohol starts pouring in, memories start pouring out…

Want your guests to have the time of their life and actually remember your party? Give them something they’ll remember that doesn’t rely on their memory.

Yep, I’m talking about your awesome 21st birthday party favors!

Note: Some of these favor ideas contain affiliate links. Which means that if you choose to buy any of these favors – you’ll do me a small favor too and support my site… yaaay 🙂

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20+ Coolest Sweet 16 Party Favor Ideas the Guests will LOVE (2018)

The little princess is celebrating her sweet 16…

Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

I remember my sweet 16…

It seemed like yesterday I was dancing (horribly, I might add) to Britney Spears’ greatest hits with my high school friends, all wearing my custom-made sweet 16 shirts.

Note: Hey! Britney Spears was popular back in the day!

Fun times…

My parents definitely knew what they were doing – they helped me get the coolest sweet 16 party favors for my guests, and it paid off big time! (Thanks Mom & Dad!)

So, in this article, I’m going to pay it forward. I’m going to show you the awesome sweet 16 giveaway & souvenir ideas both the birthday girl and her friends will absolutely LOVE.

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20+ Unique 1st Birthday Party Favors & Giveaway Ideas Your Guests will LOVE (2018)

Your baby is 1 years old… How exciting!

Can you believe it’s been a full year since you held your baby for the very first time in the delivery room?

And now you’re already celebrating their 1st birthday (and looking for 1st birthday favors)… What the hell, right? 

Since it’s your baby 1st birthday, you better prepare for all the hugs, kisses, and gifts your baby is about to get from your friends & relatives (trust me, they wouldn’t know what to do with all the attention).

Once you’re done with that – the next step to prepare the hugs, kisses, and gifts YOU will give your guests…

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about actual hugs and kisses (I’ll let you decide if you want to go that route). I’m talking about the 1st birthday party favors & souvenirs you’ll give away at your party.

Because let’s face it – how else do you remember a party if not for those awesome souvenirs you got?

Ready? Let’s get this party started!

Note: Some of the party favors below contain affiliate links. So if you decide to buy one of these favors, you’ll be doing me a small favor too 🙂

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