20+ Coolest Sweet 16 Party Favor Ideas the Guests will LOVE (2022)

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The little princess is celebrating her sweet 16…

Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

I remember my sweet 16…

It seemed like yesterday I was dancing (horribly, I might add) to Britney Spears’ greatest hits with my high school friends, all wearing my custom-made sweet 16 shirts.

Note: Hey! Britney Spears was popular back in the day!

Fun times…

My parents definitely knew what they were doing – they helped me get the coolest sweet 16 party favors for my guests, and it paid off big time! (Thanks Mom & Dad!)

So, in this article, I’m going to pay it forward. I’m going to show you the awesome sweet 16 giveaway & souvenir ideas both the birthday girl and her friends will absolutely LOVE.

Top Sweet 16 Party Favors

Let’s face it: there are a TON of sweet 16 souvenirs to choose from and not a lot of time.

Do you wish there was a shortcut? A shortcut that allows you to choose the best sweet 16 party favors HERE and NOW, without losing yourself all over the internet (and losing your mind) in the process?

Lucky for you – I’m a mind reader… here you go!

Cool & Unique Sweet 16 Party FavorsPersonalized Sweet 16 Party FavorsSweet 16 Chocolate & Candy FavorsSweet 16 Shirts & Sweatshirt FavorsCute & Funny Sweet 16 Party FavorsCheap Sweet 16 Party FavorsSweet 16 Favor Tags & LabelsSweet 16 Favor Goodie Bags & Boxes
Top Unique Favor Top Personalized Favor Top Candy Favor Top Shirt Favor Top Funny Favors Top Cheap Favor Top Favor Tag Top Gift Bag
Starbucks Hot Chocolate Test Tubes For Sweet 16Starbucks Hot Chocolate Test Tubes For Sweet 16Personalized Sweet 16 Candle TinsPersonalized Sweet 16 Candle TinsSweet 16 Button Shaped Candy Cake PopsSweet 16 Button Shaped Candy Cake PopsPink Zebra Stars Sweet 16 Birthday T ShirtPink Zebra Stars Sweet 16 Birthday T-ShirtSweet 16 Birthday Photo Booth Props Kit Sweet 16 Birthday Photo Booth Props KitSweet 16 Stainless Steel CharmSweet 16 Stainless Steel CharmSweet 16 Birthday Party Hollywood Glam Gold Gift TagsSweet 16 Birthday Party Hollywood Glam Gold Gift TagsBlack And Gold Sweet 16 Favor Gift BoxBlack And Gold Sweet 16 Favor Gift Box
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OK Alice, if you’re willing to go deeper into the rabbit hole, then I suggest you keep reading…

Cool & Unique Sweet 16 Party Favors

Every 16 year old wants to look cool. And she wants their parents to be cool, too (just like Fonzie)

And what do cool parents do?

They throw their daughter a kickass party with cool sweet 16 party favors for her daughter’s friends and their parents.

Because they’re cool…

Warning: this section is for parents who mean business when it comes to throwing a seriously cool and unique party.

The kind of party that could earn a spot on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 (If you haven’t got the slightest clue what I’m talking about, then you better start working on your coolness).

Challenge Time: Count how many times I said “cool” in this paragraph, and tell me in the comments. If you get it right, you’ll enter a contest and maybe win a secret prize (hint: it’s a trick question).

Starbucks Hot Chocolate Test Tubes for Sweet 16

Top Unique Favor
Starbucks Hot Chocolate Test Tubes For Sweet 16

Who doesn’t love Starbucks?

But as much as everyone loves Starbucks, it’s not exactly appropriate to serve Frappuccinos on a sweet 16 birthday party, am I right?

Besides, why would you want to load the kids up with caffeine prematurely? They’re still young and innocent, they’ll have enough time to get addicted to caffeine later in life (I’m speaking from experience).

I’m talking about something a little sweeter, and a little less addictive: hot chocolate test tubes! (OK, I’m not sure about the addictive part).

You can choose from 5 different flavors (as if chocolate wasn’t enough), AND you can personalize it with your daughter’s name, photo, and the works.

Trust me, having these Starbucks chocolate tubes at your daughter’s sweet 16 birthday party will be like having unicorns at an 8-year-old’s birthday party.

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Personalized Lip Balm Party Favors

Personalized Lip Balm Party Favors

Some Most 16-year-olds are self-obsessed and moody (and sometimes rude, lazy and arrogant… but that’s a discussion for another day).

Instead of trying to fight this creature all the time, why not feed the “demon” with personalized lip balm party favors?

With 8 yummy flavors to choose from, this hypoallergenic lip balm would be a keepsake both kids and parents will appreciate. 

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Sweet Sixteen VIP Pass Badge

Sweet Sixteen Vip Pass Badge

 “I’m not a kid anymore!”

How many times has have you heard her say that? I bet too many times…

I think it’s time to play along, and officially welcome her into adulthood with an awesome VIP party.

And obviously, a VIP party is for VIPs only. So you better get working on those VIP party passes.

Don’t worry, it’s easier and less scary than it sounds. The VIP card is ready – all you need is to customize it for the sweet 16 birthday girl, and you’re done.

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Personalized Sweet 16 Party Favors

A young girl’s sweet 16 is probably her single most important birthday in her life (that’s why it’s the only birthday that’s “sweet”).

So you better put on your personalization pants, because chances are you’re going to choose personalized sweet 16 party favors.

Note: That’s why most of the party favors on this list are personalized. Still, I decided it’s important enough to dedicate a section for the best personalized 16th birthday favors out there.

Personalized Sweet 16 Candle Tins

Top Personalized Favor
Personalized Sweet 16 Candle Tins

I don’t know about you, but I HATE spending my hard earned money on party favors that will only end up in the trash.

You know what’s great about this gift though? They’re not just nice to look at… they’re actually useful. I mean, all of us use candles at some point…so it’s WAY better than another useless piece of junk no one ends up using.

Besides, what kind of monster will throw away such a beautiful candle?!

Not when it has your daughter’s name written on top of it along with a sweet personalized message.

Bonus: each set contains 12 tea light-size candles, and they come individually packed in white organza bags, all ready to be gifted! 

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16th Birthday Retro Sunglasses

16th Birthday Retro Sunglasses

Call me old-fashioned, but damnit retro is totally cool!

Note: Besides, retro is back in fashion, and sunglasses are a timeless trend… so stop judging me!

So why not merge the two trends into one fantastic sweet 16 party favor your daughter and all her friends will love?

Sure, they’re not Ray-Ban, but I can guarantee your daughter’s sweet 16 party will have some pretty cool photos (and selfies!).

Tip: these retro sunglasses are very customizable. You can customize the frame color, the style, and the lens design (image, artwork, text, monogram, background effect etc’)… Go nuts!

Bonus: each pair of shades comes already packaged in a microfiber pouch.

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Sweet 16 Birthday Party Gold Bokeh Lights Keychain

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Gold Bokeh Lights Keychain

Sure, pink is nice… But there’s such a thing as “too pink”.

If your teen fake-barfs at anything that’s too girly or too pink (teenagers, right?!), then this keychain balances out the pink with some class.

Parents would love this thoughtful keepsake too.

Besides, if you’re about to grant her driving privileges anyway, why not present her car keys with this chic personalized keychain?

Tip: you can customize the image, text, and pretty much the whole thing.:

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Sweet 16 Chocolate & Candy Favors

There’s a reason why most chick flicks have a scene where the guy brings the girl flowers and chocolates.

I don’t know about flowers, but candy favors are a no-brainer.

How do you think your daughter’s friends will react if you hand them delicious chocolate & candy party favors for your daughter’s sweet 16 party?

I think know – they’ll go NUTS (in a good way). 

Sweet 16 Button-Shaped Candy Cake Pops

Top Candy Favor
Sweet 16 Button Shaped Candy Cake Pops

Usually, it’s either candy or chocolate.

I say, why not have both?

Forget about the hassle of cutting a birthday cake into a million pieces. It’s WAY easier and tastes way better (no offense) than most birthday cakes.

These candy cake pops, in particular, are as delicious as they look.

And you have so many choices to choose from, that it breaks my heart knowing you’ll have to pick which ones you want. You can choose from:

  • 3 cake flavors
  • 3 icing flavors
  • 10 drizzle colors

As for the personalization part: you can customize the front with a unique design or your own custom photo.

Note: a single order comes with 12 cake pops, and the front design is printed on the edible icing, so nothing goes to waste!

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Sweet 16 Mints

Sweet 16 Mints

If you’re on a budget, then you could use some budget treats that are both tasty and cheap.

With all the sugar going on in your party, I think your guests could use a little fresh air, so how about them mints?

With each order, you get a big bag of 50 assorted mints (or more) that are each individually wrapped.

Go all out and scatter them on the table, and perhaps add a few to each gift bag.

I love a good bargain, and I know one when I see one (or 50, in this case). 

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Candy Theme Sprinkles Sweet 16 Party Favor

Candy Theme Sprinkles Sweet 16 Party Favor

Sprinkles give you a sugar rush just by looking at it.

Combine sprinkles and Oreo cookies, and you’ve just set up a damn happy 16th birthday.

These cute individually-wrapped cookies look amazing and taste wonderful. Customize the front of the Oreo cookie, give it a nice personal touch, and your guests will go home sad that the party is over, but happy that they got some delicious sweet 16 treats to take home. 

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Sweet 16 Shirts & Sweatshirt Favors

Since your daughter is 16-year-old, I assume she has a tight group of friends she always hangs out with.

If she does, then they’re about to get very very lucky: because these sweet 16 souvenirs are just for them!

BFFs stick together, so they have to wear the same shirts too!

Pink Zebra Stars Sweet 16 Birthday T-shirt

Top Shirt Favor
Pink Zebra Stars Sweet 16 Birthday T Shirt

Everyone spends hours in the front of the mirror getting ready for the party.

Isn’t it funny that when the party starts, all of them put on the same customized sweet 16 T-shirt?

That’s what usually happens, and I find it kind of funny. So make sure you don’t screw up and get a T-shirt favor your guests will love to wear over their expensive dresses.

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Custom Sweet 16 Hoodie Sweatshirt

Custom Sweet 16 Hoodie Sweatshirt

If you live in a colder climate, you might want to ditch the t-shirt and go for a custom hoodie instead!

Let’s face it – 16-year-olds want to have a great time with their close circle at their sweet 16 parties.

And how do you have a good time with your other 16-year-old friends? Well, handing them a cool customized sweet 16 hoodie is a hell of a start.

Note: Plus, it will come in handy when winter comes. 

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Cute & Funny Sweet 16 Party Favors

What will make your guests laugh at the sweet 16 party?

A Sesame Street show? Telling them knock-knock jokes? How about your jokes?

C’mon, they’re not kids anymore… you’ve got to try harder.

Let’s see what qualified as cute and funny sweet 16 party favors…

Sweet 16 Birthday Photo Booth Props Kit

Top Funny Favors
Sweet 16 Birthday Photo Booth Props Kit

Oh boy, here come the selfies…

How many duck faces can people look at before they keep scrolling on their Facebook feed? The answer – not many.

You need a “hook”, something that makes you tap that “Like” or “Share” button.

That’s where these hilarious photo booth props come into play.

They’re funny, they’re goofy, they’re glittery! Now that’s the recipe for winning photos.

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Sweet 16 Birthday Bracelets

Sweet 16 Birthday Bracelets

Customizing sweet 16 Jewelry favors sounds expensive, doesn’t it?

Not this time.

These delicate rhinestone friendship bracelets a cute little gesture your daughter can dedicate to her friends, with very little cost and effort.

There’s no wrong time for Jewelry. That’s especially true for a sweet 16 birthday party.

One thing’s for sure – both the birthday girl and her friends will adore these thoughtful sweet 16 giveaways.

Combine it with a lovely custom message and you’ve got yourself a home run. 

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50 LED Party Favors Pack

50 Led Party Favors Pack

Hey, it’s a party after all! And since you can’t use alcohol, the young teenagers need to go “crazy” somehow.

These awesome LED party favors will do the trick.

The 50-pack full of “glow in the dark” party supplies come with:

  • 32 light up finger lights
  • 13 jelly glow rings
  • 5 party glasses

Tip: These party favors are usually the hit of the party and people jump on them… so make sure you order enough. You know: “no child left behind” kind of thing.

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Cheap Sweet 16 Party Favors

An epic party does not have to cost epically.

Not everyone can pull off a Lil’ Wayne move and buy their daughter TWO high-end cars for her 16th birthday (yes, you read that right).

That’s a privilege us mere mortals can’t (and probably shouldn’t) afford.

Cool cars or not, every 16-year-old princess still deserves a memorable sweet 16 party.

So what elegant, yet affordable sweet 16 party favors can you get your guests so they run home to their friends and tell them all about your awesome party?

Let’s have a look…

Sweet 16 Stainless Steel Charm

Top Cheap Favor
Sweet 16 Stainless Steel Charm

You might be tempted to dismiss this charm as tacky costume jewelry.

But hang on a second there, tiger… It’s actually an elegant piece and a lovely keepsake your guests will appreciate…

it’s not all about size, you know?

Get from Etsy

Sweet 16 Candy Jar

Sweet 16 Candy Jar

If you intend to give away candy as party favors, why not put them in these personalized jars?

That kind of gift is:

  1. Sweet (literally)
  2. Cheap
  3. Personalized

And that right there is a lethal combination to have for sweet 16 souvenirs. 

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Sweet 16 Favor Tags & Labels

Regardless of how much money you spend on sweet 16 party favors, a small sweet 16 favor tag can be the difference between a mediocre giveaway and a unique & thoughtful keepsake.

They say “good things come in small packages”. Guess what – tags go on packages, and they’re small…

So here they come…

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Hollywood Glam Gold Gift Tags

Top Favor Tag
Sweet 16 Birthday Party Hollywood Glam Gold Gift Tags

Your daughter might not yet be old enough for THE Black Card, but I guess this glamorous gift tag gets pretty close?

Okay, it doesn’t even come close, scratch that.

But still, you have to admit that this gold gift tag is pretty glam.

Bonus: It also includes customized ribbons (on top of the customizable tag). 

Get from Zazzle

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Water Bottle Sticker Labels

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Water Bottle Sticker Labels

After all the dancing, everyone is bound to reach for a bottle of water at one point or the other.

And since you’re a detailed person, you want to leave no stone unturned… or in this case, no bottle unlabeled.

Small details matter.

Now, imagine how surprised your daughter’s guests will get once you hand them a bottle of water with a cute sweet 16 label.

Tip: Why stop there? You can use these water bottle labels on any other bottle e.g.

  • Wine
  • Champagne
  • Soda
  • Juice etc.

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Sweet 16 Birthday Party Gold Glitter Lights Gift Tags

Let’s wrap up this section (pun intended) with some glitter lights gift tags, shall we?

Top your sweet 16 giveaways off with this personalized gift tag, and everyone will be dying to rip their sweet 16 souvenirs open.

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Gold Glitter Lights Gift Tags

Get from Zazzle

Sweet 16 Favor Goodie Bags & Boxes

You don’t want to ruin amazing sweet 16 party favors with horrible packaging.

Even the most expensive party favor will look cheap and tacky if it’s wrapped in a piece of plastic paper… don’t do that.

Your guests should feel like they can’t wait to see what’s inside. Not to spoil the surprise with a see-through bag that reveals all the goodies.

Let’s get serious, and seal the deal favors with some good looking goodie bags.

Black and Gold Sweet 16 Favor Gift Box

Top Gift Bag
Black And Gold Sweet 16 Favor Gift Box

Black + Gold = Elegance in a gift box.

Heart + Personalization = Thoughtful.

You do the math. 

Get from Zazzle

Hollywood Red Carpet Sweet 16 Favor Bag

Hollywood Red Carpet Sweet 16 Favor Bag

Who said a sweet 16 Hollywood party needs actual celebrities.

Gimme a break, celebrities are overrated (except maybe for Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Emily Blunt and Jennifer Aniston and perhaps a few others).

This night, your daughter is the bigshot celebrity, and her guests are the paparazzi.

And you’ve got to give the paparazzi what they want, otherwise, they’ll write mean things about you.

(Maybe it’s a weird analogy, but you get my point) 

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Elegant Sweet 16 Birthday Midnight Glam Gold Favor Box

Elegant Sweet 16 Birthday Midnight Glam Gold Favor Box

♫ Sweet (16) dreams are made of this… ♫

This gift box is everything you’d want in one gorgeous sweet 16 favor box.

And just as we agreed on earlier: Black + Gold = Elegance in a box.

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I promised you the coolest sweet 16 party favor ideas, didn’t I?

Well, there you have it!

With these awesome party giveaways, there’s no chance in hell people guests will forget this 16-birthday party anytime soon.

Don’t forget to contact me in 13 years and tell me if your child still remembers her sweet 16 birthday (book a reminder on your calendar for 13 years from now, I’m not joking!)

In the meantime, just leave a comment down below and let me know what you thought of these sweet 16 souvenirs.

Happy birthday!

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