About Us

Hola, amigo!

My name is Maria… and welcome to Party Pyramid!

Sidenote: Even though I have a Spanish name and I just greeted you in Spanish, I don’t speak a lot of Spanish. Weird huh? (that’s a long story, I’ll save you the snooze fest)

Now, since you’ve gone through the trouble of visiting my about page, that tells me that you’d like to know a little more about Party Pyramid and what’s it all about.


No problemo! (here’s that Spanish again)

What is Party Pyramid?

Ever been to a party where you found yourself sitting in the corner, thinking to yourself:

“God, what a huge waste of time… I wish I would’ve stayed home and watched Netflix all night…”

I’ve been there (A LOT)…

Now here’s the thing: at some point, you’ll throw a party yourself. 

Let me ask you a question (and be honest):

What kind of party will you throw? What will your guests think of it? Do you think you’ll do a better job than the average I-can’t-wait-for-this-party-to-end parties we’ve all been to?

The answer is NO.

Not unless you know what you’re doing… and believe me – it took me a LONG time to figure out how to throw awesome parties. Years of trial and error, throwing one lame party after another, tons of bored guests and one frustrated little me.

But here’s the thing: I LOVE parties (especially planning them)! And I don’t like giving up.

So, I went on a mission… A mission to learn The Art of Planning Amazing Parties (boy, that sounds like a catchy book title, doesn’t it?)

It took several years of constant practice, but now I’m proud to say: I learned how to plan extremely fun parties, and I’ve helped numerous people throw unforgettable events.

But then, I figured – why should I settle for “numerous”, if I can shoot for unlimited (that’s the number of people I can reach online)?

And that, my friend – is the goal of Party Pyramid. 

Why Party Pyramid?

Two reasons:

  1. A pyramid represents all of the traits I believe in. Traits that are helpful in learning any skill, including the skill of throwing an incredible party. I’m talking about traits like ambition, tenacity, persistence. With these traits, I have no doubt you’ll be doing some serious “damage”.
  2. The partypyramid.com domain name was available 🙂

What Will You Find on Party Pyramid?

My goal here is simple: to give you everything you need to plan a kickass party… ANY party!

What do I mean by “any” party?

Any type of party under the sun. I’m talking birthday parties, bachelor parties, weddings, baby showers or just your run-of-the-mill Friday night house party.

I’m very determined to turn this website into the #1 party website on the internet… and I invite you to join me on my journey 🙂

Cool! Now What?

Now’s the point where I invite you to:

  1. Tell your friends & family about us, especially if they’ve got a party coming up (look for the social icons)
  2. Bookmark our website
  3. Join our email list below


Ladies & gentlemen: are you ready to partyyyy?

(I had to 🙂 )

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