20+ Elegant 50th Birthday Party Favors & Giveaway Ideas [Souvenirs] for Your Guests (2022)

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What’s the first thing you do when you turn 50?

Find a retirement home? Buy a new cane? Get dental prosthesis?

… Just kidding! 

50 is the new 20!

The first thing you do is… throw the party of course!

I mean, you’re half a century old for Christ’s sake… That calls for a celebration!

So, pick up the phone, call your friends & family, and invite them to the party…

Let me know when you’re done, so you and I can go ahead and find some elegant 50 birthday party favors for your guests.

… You’re done already?!

OK then! Let’s go find some cool souvenirs for your 50 birthday party, shall we?

Note: Some of these favor ideas contain affiliate links. Which means that if you choose to buy any of these favors – you’ll do me a small favor too and support my site… yaaay 🙂

Top 50 Birthday Party Favors

You’re about to discover 20+ of the best 50 birthday favor ideas that made it to this list.

“But Maria, 20+ favors is still a LOT to choose from… HELP!”

I hear ya… we’re all busy people here.

To make things easy (and short), I decided to award the very best birthday souvenirs on this list – the 1% of giveaways that’ll rock your 50th birthday party (an Oscar for party favors if you will).

Aaand the winners are…

50th Birthday Party Favors For Women50th Birthday Party Favors For MenPersonalized 50th Birthday Party FavorsUnique 50th Birthday Party Favors50th Birthday Chocolate & Candy FavorsFunny 50th Birthday Party FavorsCheap 50th Birthday Party Favors
Top Favor for Women Top Favor for Men Top Personalized Favor Top Unique Favor Top Candy Favors Top Funny Favor Top Cheap Favor
50th Birthday Stemless Wine Glass50th Birthday Stemless Wine Glass50th Birthday Custom Cigar Bands Aged To Perfection 50th Birthday Custom Cigar Bands Aged To PerfectionPersonalized 50th Birthday Wine Gift BoxPersonalized 50th Birthday Wine Gift Box50th Temporary Tattoo The Man The Myth The Legend50th Temporary Tattoo The Man The Myth The Legend50th Birthday Damask Faux Bow Cake Pops50th Birthday Damask Faux Bow Cake Pops50th Birthday Photo Booth Props50th Birthday Photo Booth Props50th Birthday Party Keychain Favors50th Birthday Party Keychain Favors
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Now, if you prefer the long version, then buckle up – and let’s get started…

50th Birthday Party Favors For Women

The big [5][0]… It’s not every day that you turn 50 years old.

Turning 50 has to be one of the most important milestones in any woman’s life, and definitely one of the most memorable birthdays.

But what about the guests? How do you make sure her lady friends also remember it for a long time?

You get the ladies unforgettable 50 birthday favors.

Easy right?

50th Birthday Stemless Wine Glass

Top Favor for Women
50th Birthday Stemless Wine Glass

Good news ladies… I hear a glass or 2 (or 3 or 4) of red wine is just what the doctor ordered.

The birthday girl is 50 years young, and I bet she’s aging like fine wine (pun intended).

How about a special toast?

What..? You expect me to write the toast for you?

Hell no!

Tell you what: you come up with the toast, and I’ll come up with beautiful wine glasses you could use for the toast, and as a 50 birthday giveaway for your guests.

Deal? Deal… 🤝

[ … after a few moments of awkward silence … ]


Personalized wine glasses: Check ✔︎

And these aren’t any wine glasses, they’re personalized 50 birthday stemless wine glasses. How about that?

Now that you’ve got cool wine glasses all ready for the big day, you better start working on that toast…

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Fabulous & Fifty Wine Glass Charm

Fabulous Fifty Wine Glass Charm

I HATE losing my drink whenever I’m at a party.

I put it on the table, go dancing for a minute… and when I come back, I can’t tell my glass apart from everyone else’s! And if I’m very unlucky, I end up using some poor old guy’s glass.

How awful?

I don’t know why, but these cute fifty wine glass charms made me daydream about just how often it has happened to me.

Anyhow, how cool are these cute little wine glass charms?

They’re awfully charming, handy and reusable! So in case you accidentally use someone else’s glass, at least it’ll have a cute “50 & Fabulous” wine charm on it to leave you a better taste in your mouth (not literally, that depends on whose glass you ended up using).

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Personalized Chic 50th Birthday Party Favors Candle Tins

Personalized Chic 50th Birthday Party Favors Candle Tins

A 50 birthday with no birthday candles? That’s no a birthday party I’d like to attend.

How about we take that a step further?

Instead of being the only one with birthday candles, you can invite your guests to join the party.

Imagine the surprised look on people’s face when you give them these personalized 50 birthday candles.

By the way: The candles smell like heaven.

What do you think will happen when your guests light their own birthday candles sometime in the future? Who do you think will pop in their mind?

  • Give your guests a unique 50 birthday favor: Check ✔︎
  • Hijack your guest’s memories: double check ✔︎✔︎

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50th Birthday Party Favors For Men

It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

So why bother?

By the time we turn 50, our likes and dislikes are pretty much set and we’re reluctant to change our habits (many studies prove this).

All we got to do is choose party favors that most 50-year-old men already LOVE…

Shouldn’t be that hard, right? Or is it?

Let’s find out…

50th Birthday Custom Cigar Bands – Aged to Perfection

Top Favor for Men
50th Birthday Custom Cigar Bands Aged To Perfection

Sure, I don’t know that much about 50-year-old men. But I’ve seen quite a lot of them with their cigars (and their golf… and drinks…more on that later)

If 50-year-old birthday boy man and his friends enjoy the occasional cigar, this party favor will be a hit with the guests. And even if they don’t, it’ll still be funny (even funnier).

Simply get a case of their favorite cigars and wrap each one with these customized cigar bands. Trust me, it’ll be a huge hit.

Tip: You can choose to personalize the name, age, and date.

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50th Birthday Drink Coolers

50th Birthday Drink Coolers

Like I said, old love them some cool drinks… Who am I kidding – beer, they like beer.

Which is what makes these machine washable beer coolers the ideal 50 birthday party souvenirs for guys.

Women get their personalized wine glasses, and men get their beer coolers.

It’s only fair. 

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50th Birthday Custom Photo Name Label

50th Birthday Custom Photo Name Label

Let’s take the whole “men love beer” idea to the next step.

I assume you’re planning to have quite a few bottles of beer lying around at the party. Now, why would you keep the beer label on? With all due respect: Is it Heineken/Corona/Budweiser’s 50 birthday?

I don’t think so…

I say, replace them with the 50-year-old birthday celebrant.

  • The birthday “boy” will love it
  • Your guests will see the “birthday boy’s” name and face on a beer bottle will generate buzz…
  • The result: A freakin’ memorable party

Mission accomplished.

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Personalized 50th Birthday Party Favors

We’ve already covered several party favor ideas that include some customization…

But the Pinterest-worthy favors in this section deserve a special mention (P.S: Don’t forget to “pin” them on Pinterest!).

These out-of-the-box 50 birthday favors are not only fun, they’re also memorable and useful – everything you need to dazzle your guests.

Better yet, there’s zero work for you… all you have to do is

  1. Personalize
  2. Order

Easy peasy.

Personalized 50th Birthday Wine Gift Box

Top Personalized Favor
Personalized 50th Birthday Wine Gift Box

It’s one thing serving wine to your guests…

It’s a whole other thing serving it in gorgeous personalized wine gift boxes. That means you mean business.

Now that’s you create a long-lasting keepsake with such a small thing… Every you’re your guests will attend any party in the future, they’ll constantly compare that party to “that one cool 50 birthday party I attended a while ago where they gave away personalized wine gift boxes”.

Like I always say: the devil is in the details.

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Personalized Poker Chips

Personalized Poker Chips

Poker night!

Or is it birthday night!

Why can’t it be both? It sure can be.

Each of these customizable poker sets come with 100 poker chips… more than enough for each guest to take a chip or two home with them at the end of the party. 

Tip: Don’t get confused by the “Happy 40” image. That’s just an example.

Get from Shindigz

Cheers to You – Gold 50 Personalized Playing Card Case

Cheers To You Gold 50 Personalized Playing Card Case

What good are poker chips for if you don’t have a deck of playing cards? They’re useless.

If you’re really serious on the whole Poker thing, then this cute deck of cards is a fabulous addition to your guest’s goodie bags.

Or, if you’re not really into poker, you can just give away the cards. Works just as well.

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Unique 50th Birthday Party Favors

If you’ve been reading this article, and you were thinking:

“Meh. These favors are OK and everything… but when will I get to see the really cool 50 birthday favors?”

Now. You’re about to see them now.

Because the way I see it, the math is pretty simple: A unique 50 birthday party needs unique party favors.

50th Temporary Tattoo – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Top Unique Favor
50th Temporary Tattoo The Man The Myth The Legend

I know what you’re thinking.

“Isn’t it weird for a bunch of 50-year-olds to wear tattoos?”

A permanent tattoo? That’s weird.

A temporary tattoo? Not so much (OK, maybe a little).

A permanent tattoo instantly screams “MID LIFE CRISIS,” but ain’t nothing wrong with a temporary one.

The best part about turning 50 is that you’ve earned the right to be a little “weird” (and I mean that in the best way possible) … A little weird is good. Life is too short not to have a little fun.

This hip party favor would give the oldies a taste of the fountain of youth, and it would also make for a great conversation starter at the party. 

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50th Design Bottle Opener

50th Design Bottle Opener

I talked a lot about beer favors in this article.

But with all the excitement from the drinks themselves, I almost forgot about the crucial thing: 50 birthday bottle openers!

What good are personalized beer bottles if your guests can’t even open the damn thing?

Sure, you can leave it up to them to open up their own beer bottles. But adding a 50 birthday beer bottle is such a small (and thoughtful) gesture that it’s worth adding it to their goodie bag.

Plus, your guests will be able to pop their own beers open – that means less running around for you!

Get from Amazon

50th Birthday Wine Bottle Stopper

50th Birthday Wine Bottle Stopper
  1. We took care of the bottles
  2. We took care of the bottle labels
  3. We even took care of the glasses
  4. We even took care of the bottle opener
  5. Now – time to take care of the bottle stoppers

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking:

“Holly ****, you’re not leaving out a damn thing!”

Yep, you’re getting a little glance at the world of a perfectionist.

If you’re a perfectionist too, then you’ll find this completely natural.

But if you’re not a perfectionist, then you probably think I’m a little crazy. In which case you are absolutely right 🙂

Bonus: Every bottle stopper comes packaged in an elegant box complete with a ribbon and a thank you tag. 

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50th Birthday Chocolate & Candy Favors

If you thought chocolate & candy favors are for kids only, then you’re kidding yourself.

Like I always say: adults are kids with big bodies.

We’re no different than kids: we LOVE sweets. And more importantly – adults love getting free chocolate & candy favors.

There is one difference though between kids and adults:

  • Kids will eat anything you give them, as long as its SWEET.
  • Adults – we’re pickier. We like “the good stuff”, not so much the junk

So let’s get your guests some of “the good stuff”.

After all, it’s not every day you celebrate 50 years on this planet.

50th Birthday Damask & Faux Bow Cake Pops

Top Candy Favors
50th Birthday Damask Faux Bow Cake Pops

Love them or hate them: cake pops are amazing.

These bite-sized desserts are the perfect party favor…

  • They’re small
  • They’re delicious
  • They’re personalized

What more could you ask for?

Much better than running around baking a million birthday cakes, cutting them into a thousand of small pieces, and serving your guests one by one (geez, only writing about it makes me tired). 

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50th Birthday Party Mints

50th Birthday Party Mints

With all the sacking and drinking in your party, your guests could use little party mints to take the edge off.

Each package comes with 50 party mints, all individually wrapped… for a small party – one package should be more than enough for your guests.

For a bigger party – you’ll need several bags… So go nuts – (they’re dirt cheap).

Get from Shindigz

Cheers to You – Gold 50 Personalized Mint Tin

Cheers To You Gold 50 Personalized Mint Tin

Mints again! Trust me; you’ll thank me later.

While the previous party mints were more of a little appetizer to keep your mouth refreshed during the party, these personalized party tins are more of a giveaway your guests can enjoy after the party.

You can completely customize it: both the text, the colors and the images. So naturally, they’re more of a souvenir you put in your guest’s goodie bag than candy your guests take in the party.

Note: One order comes with 12 candy tins, each filled with 0.45 ounces of sugar-free peppermints.

Get from Shindigz

50th Birthday Party Miniatures Candy Bar Wrapper Stickers

50th Birthday Party Miniatures Candy Bar Wrapper Stickers

I’ll take an educated guess, and assume that you’re planning to serve Hershey’s kisses?

If the answer is yes, then listen up: Get these candy bar wrapper stickers to give your candy that personal touch.

Don’t underestimate the power of stickers. It’s a small yet effective way to put a smile on your guest’s face.

Note: Each order comes with a set of 54 stickers in 3 different but coordinating designs.

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Funny 50th Birthday Party Favors

No one likes a boring party… that includes 50-year-olds.

Birthday parties are supposed to be FUN.

And guess what helps make a 50-birthday party FUN – FUNNY 50 birthday party favors.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

50th Birthday Photo Booth Props

Top Funny Favor
50th Birthday Photo Booth Props

Photo booth props always remind me of all those masquerade parties I attended…boy are those fun!

There’s something about masks that makes people unleash their goofy and fun side. Especially when you mix that with alcohol – that’s a killer combination.

These 50 birthday photo booth props are incredibly funny, and they have hilarious captions.

Your guests will LOVE them. 

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50th Birthday Funny Coasters

50th Birthday Funny Coasters

Hah! I literally laughed out loud when I saw these coasters from a computer screen.

Imagine how much you’ll laugh when you actually see these in person, and when you drunk.

If your guests are all dwelling on getting old, these coasters will put things in perspective, and give them something to laugh (or cry) about.

Besides, they’re one hell of a conversation starter.

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DIY 50th Birthday Party Shades

Diy 50th Birthday Party Shades

“You’re 50 years old! Freakin’ act your age… and put on these retro party shades already!”

Retro shades for retro guests 🙂 (assuming most of them are all around 50 years old)

These shades are cool at any age… whether you’re 15 or 50.

Tip: You can customize everything from the style, colors, image, text etc’. 

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Cheap 50th Birthday Party Favors

Having amazing 50 birthday party favors doesn’t mean you’ll have to break the bank… and these particular party favors will prove just that.

These gifts are thoughtful, memorable, and affordable.  So I’m sure both your guests and you will appreciate that.

50th Birthday Party Keychain Favors

Top Cheap Favor
50th Birthday Party Keychain Favors

You can never go wrong with a beautifully customized keychain. They’ve become some sort of “giveaway tradition” over the years.

And I say: sure, why not…

Most of us are walking around with a bunch of keys anyways as if we’re all janitors. Might as well put something bright and shiny on there.

Get from Zazzle

Antique & Vintage 50th Birthday Design Paper Cup

Antique & Vintage 50th Birthday Design Paper Cup

“Vintage, Old and somewhat Matured”.

Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Face it: you’re 50 years old, you’re an antique!

No need to feel bad about it – soon you’ll be worth a lot of money 🙂 

Get from Zazzle

Personalized 50th Birthday Black Ink Pen Favor

Personalized 50th Birthday Black Ink Pen Favor

The Wolf of Wall Street: “Sell me this pen”.

Me: “Um. This pen is amazing. It writes well. It’s comfortable and it’s black.

How was that? I doubt that will get me on the Wolf’s yacht…

Here. Let me try again: “With this pen, you could use it to draw on other people’s faces when they get drunk. People are willing to do all sorts of crazy stuff when they’re drunk”.

How’s that?

Much better… Bring on the lubes!

Get from Zazzle

Note: In case you didn’t recognize this – I swear I’m not crazy… I just stole it from the famous Wolf of Wall Street scene 🙂 


Turning 50 is no picnic… but it is a party.

And a party without party giveaways is no party (I’m sure your guests will agree on that).

That’s why I wrote this article… to help you find unique 50 birthday party favor ideas, so your guests (and you) go home with a smile on their face.

I hope I managed to do that 🙂

Happy birthday!

50th Birthday Party Favors Large
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