21+ Unique 21st Birthday Party Favor Ideas for an Unforgettable Party (2022)

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It’s your 21st birthday…

Let’s get the party started!

Hang on there, tiger… aren’t you forgetting something?

… You want an UNFORGETTABLE 21st birthday party, right?

[And If you’re the parent of a 21-year-old, newsflash – that’s exactly what your child wants]

Well, guess what – I bet there’s going to be quite a bit (a bit?) of alcohol involved… so you can kiss “unforgettable” goodbye…

Because once the alcohol starts pouring in, memories start pouring out…

Want your guests to have the time of their life and actually remember your party? Give them something they’ll remember that doesn’t rely on their memory.

Yep, I’m talking about your awesome 21st birthday party favors!

Note: Some of these favor ideas contain affiliate links. Which means that if you choose to buy any of these favors – you’ll do me a small favor too and support my site… yaaay 🙂

Top 21st Birthday Party Favors

You’re about to discover a TON of unique favors for your 21st birthday party…

But before we dive any deeper, let’s have a look at the top giveaways that would put a MASSIVE smile on your guest’s face (even without a single drop of alcohol)!

21st Birthday Party Favors for Girls21st Birthday Party Favors for GuysUnique & Cool 21st Birthday Party FavorsPersonalized 21st Birthday Party Favors21st Birthday Chocolate & Candy FavorsFunny 21st Birthday Party FavorsCheap 21st Birthday Party Favors21st Birthday Gift Bags & Goodie Bags
Top Favor for Girls Top Favor for Guys Top Unique Favor Top Personalized Favor Top Candy Favor Top Funny Favor Top Cheap Favor Top Gift Bag
Personalized Stemless Wine GlassPersonalized Stemless Wine Glass21 Legal Party Beer Bottle Label21 Legal Party Beer Bottle LabelMug Shot Signs Photo Booth PropsMug Shot Signs Photo Booth Props21st Birthday Custom Can Cooler Cheers Bitches Legal Af21st Birthday Custom Can Cooler Cheers Bitches Legal AfHoly Cow Im 21 21st Birthday Dipped OreosHoly Cow Im 21 21st Birthday Dipped OreosJello Shots Syringe Its Lit Design For DrinkingJello Shots Syringe Its Lit Design For Drinking21st Birthday Party Personalized Ping Pong Balls21st Birthday Party Personalized Ping Pong BallsPink And Black 21st Birthday Cake Party Favor BoxPink And Black 21st Birthday Cake Party Favor Box
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21st Birthday Party Favors for Girls

Let’s face it – we girls are classier than men. We’re not interested in getting “sh*tfaced” on our 21st birthday.

We actually want to remember what happened on our party… (sounds crazy, huh?)

And if you want your friends to remember the party – giving the girls memorable 21st birthday favors would be a great place to start.

Personalized Stemless Wine Glass

Top Favor for Girls
Personalized Stemless Wine Glass

What’s the one thing in any soon-to-be 21-year-old’s mind?

  • … Is it the gifts? Nope
  • … Is it the music? Not really
  • … Is it the party favors? No, not even that!

What is it then?

Ready? Here it is:

Alcohol… Tadaaa!

C’mon, the girl is finally legal, what else could she think about?

She’s eagerly waiting to have her first glass of wine (as a legal young woman)… wouldn’t you?

Now, wouldn’t it be amazing to share your very first “legal” glass of wine in your very own personalized wine glasses? That, my friend, is how you create a special memory you’ll never forget.

I just wish I had been smart enough to do that when I turned 21…

Get from Beau Coup

21st Birthday Sparkling Gold Glitter Pink Confetti Wine Label

21st Birthday Sparkling Gold Glitter Pink Confetti Wine Label

OK, we’ve got the personalized wine glasses taken care of.

Now the only question remains: “what kind of wine should we drink?”

Well, as much as I am a wine connoisseur, this isn’t the Wine Pyramid blog (one day, maybe), it’s the Party Pyramid blog! So I’ll leave the wine part to you…

But the wine label? Now that’s my area of expertise, so listen up!

Don’t leave the default wine label… that’s painfully boring.

If you’re going to spend a good amount of money on wine, the least you can do is add a few more bucks and personalize your wine bottles.

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Top Shelf 21st Birthday Bottle Stopper

Top Shelf 21st Birthday Bottle Stopper
  1. You opened your wine with your personalized label…
  2. You poured your guests a couple of glasses in your personalized wine glasses.

But there’s some wine left… what do you do? Throw it out?

No way… 21st birthday bottle stoppers, baby!

That’s right – your guests get to open, drink, AND seal their bottle of wine with your awesome 21st birthday souvenirs.

How cool is that?

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21st Birthday Party Favors for Guys

If you ask a young man to summarize what it feels like turning 21 in just one word, that word would be this: freedom.

Imagine… how many times they had to lie about having a drink (let’s be honest)?

No more! Free at last!

So you can imagine that this isn’t a regular birthday. It’s THE birthday where he gets to celebrate his “freedom” with his buddies.

Let’s grab a toast… “here’s to freedom! Cheers!”

21 Legal Party Beer Bottle Label

Top Favor for Guys
21 Legal Party Beer Bottle Label

The young man finally gets to enjoy a cold beer with his buddies (without having to lie about having one).

He waited for SO long… you remember what it was like turning 21, right?

It’s a big damn deal! Especially for young boys men… No point in denying that.

So instead of denying it, why not turn alcohol from an awkward topic into a special AND personal moment?

Trust me, showing a 21-year-old that you trust them is a big deal. A personalized 21st birthday beer label might seem like a small gesture, but it goes a long way.

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Custom Printed Birthday Poker Chip

Custom Printed Birthday Poker Chip

What’s another cool thing 21-year-old guys like to do? Play poker with their buddies!

Especially now, since they can actually have a drink while they’re playing poker – James Bond style (Have you seen Casino Royale? It’s awesome).

Your guests would love some chips.

And I’m not talking about snacks, I’m talking about personalized poker chips!

Tip: You can even add your own photo on the poker chips. So go ahead and put your pretty face on them. You’ll never lose another poker game!

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21 Today and Ready to Party Tie

21 Today And Ready To Party Tie

It’s a 21st birthday party. You’ll need some swag on the dancefloor, pronto!

Forget the cliché T-shirts and awkward hats… BORING. Those have been beaten to death…

You want something more original… something most people wouldn’t expect.

Introducing: 21st birthday ties!

“Huh, Ties?”

That’s right! Ties!

That’ll attract some eyeballs, get people off their asses, maybe even off their phones à and onto the dancefloor.

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Unique & Cool 21st Birthday Party Favors

What do you think of the 21st birthday favor suggestions so far?

Do you like em’? Or maybe…

  • “I want something cooler!”
  • “Not bad, but I’m still looking for THE one”
  • “Meh…”

If you found yourself thinking any of these – then great!

Because things are about to get interesting…

Mug Shot Signs Photo Booth Props

Top Unique Favor
Mug Shot Signs Photo Booth Props

If there’s one thing I know for sure, is that there’s going to be LOTS of pictures (and selfies) taken at your 21st birthday party.

You know what that means: bring on the 21st birthday party props!

But here’s the thing: regular party pictures are boring (even with props), they’re a dime a dozen. You’ve seen 1 guy wearing a dorky hat or one girl wearing those weird flickering glasses, you’ve seen them all.

Question is:

  • How do you make your pictures stand out?
  • How do you get your guests excited and hyped up?
  • How do you get people on Instagram and Facebook wish they would’ve attended your party?

Here’s an idea! How about you get arrested and take mugshots! That will definitely capture people’s attention!

What’s that? Don’t like the idea of getting arrested?

Fair enough… How about just the mugshots, without the prison part?

Sound good?

These hilarious mugshot props transform any party into a huge hit.

Watch what happens when you have these mugshot props light up the party. People will go insane!

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21st Birthday Party Temporary Tattoos

21st Birthday Party Temporary Tattoos

If you’ve ever been to a party in your lifetime, I’m sure you remember those horrible stamps they put on your forearm that wouldn’t come off for days.

God, I hated those…

That awful stamp … That awful bouncer checking your arm every 2 seconds when you come in and out.

Let’s reinvent the whole experience, shall we?

  • Instead of a stamp à let’s put a (temporary) tattoo!
  • Instead of a boring stamp à Let’s personalize the message and make it fun!
  • Instead of having guests try to wash off your stamp after the party à Let’s make them keep it on for as long as possible!

There you go… sounds a lot better, doesn’t it?

Thankfully – all of that was already done for you. All you need is to make the order.

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Pixels Make Perfect 8-Bit Pixelated Sunglasses

Pixels Make Perfect 8 Bit Pixelated Sunglasses

What other cool props will make everyone look like complete fools?

Hello… sunglasses! Lots and LOTS of sunglasses!

The green pixelated design is retro inspired. If there are any video games fans in the crowd, that’ll surely bring back a lot of memories.

Plus, these cool sunglasses are strong enough for your guests to actually take home as a 21st birthday souvenir.

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Personalized 21st Birthday Party Favors

“Personalized 21st birthday party favors? But I thought most of the previous favors were also personalized…”

You’re right on the money… most of the other favor ideas are indeed personalized.

But the following giveaways are kind of special:

  • There’s more of a personal touch to them
  • There a little “inappropriate” – which is perfect for a 21st birthday souvenir
  • They could easily fit any of the other categories on here

That’s why I figured it’s best to put all of these personalized favors together under one section– the “personalized favors” section!

21st Birthday Custom Can Cooler (Cheers Bitches – Legal AF)

Top Personalized Favor
21st Birthday Custom Can Cooler Cheers Bitches Legal Af

There’s going to be lots of alcohol pouring in the birthday party.

But here’s the deal: your 21st birthday is when the alcohol starts pouring… it’ll continue pouring for years and years to come.

So what kind of 21st birthday favor can you give them that they’ll be able to use over and over again?

Personalized can coolers…Ding ding ding!

But not just any can coolers… I’m talking about handmade can coolers, with your very own personalized message printed on it.

How cool is that? Definitely cooler than your hands… because now your hands will be protected by the cold.

Cheers B*tches!

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Personalized Birthday Shot Glasses

Personalized Birthday Shot Glasses

“Bartender…hit me!”

I don’t know who the bartender is in your case (or even if you have one) … but I do know your guests will LOVE to pour drinks in your very own personalized 21st birthday shot glasses.

Better yet, how would you think your guests will feel after they find out they get to keep these shot glasses as a souvenir?

I don’t know about you – but that’s definitely a party I’d like to attend.

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21st Birthday Wine Tumblers

21st Birthday Wine Tumblers

I love giving away gifts that my guests can actually use. Especially when it has to do with drinks!

Every time they’re having friends over, every time they’re throwing a party, every time they need a drink after a long day at work… there is your personalized birthday wine tumbler staring right at them, saving their day.

How thoughtful is that?

Tip: Get creative with your personalized message. You want your favor to stand out.

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21st Birthday Chocolate & Candy Favors

You didn’t think I was going to leave out chocolate & candy favors, now did you?

C’mon… really!?

Here’s a rule of thumb for you: If you ever attend a 21st birthday party that doesn’t have sweets – you’d be better off staying home watching Netflix.

And in case you’re wondering: ALL of these 21st birthday candy favors are personalized. Which means – extra sweet!

Holy Cow I’m 21 – 21st Birthday Dipped Oreos

Top Candy Favor
Holy Cow Im 21 21st Birthday Dipped Oreos

Oreos have no age restrictions.

We all love them, and when they come customized, the level of awesomeness hits a whole new level and makes it way more enjoyable, and way more delicious!

These Oreo pops come:

  • Covered in white or milk chocolate
  • Adorned with the image of your choice
  • Sprinkled in a choice of five colors

Holy cow, you’re 21! Here, have an Oreo!

Get from Zazzle

Las Vegas Rolling Dice 21st Birthday Jelly Belly Candy Tin

Las Vegas Rolling Dice 21st Birthday Fushia Jelly Belly Candy Tin

Just because you’re 21, doesn’t mean you should pack your bags and book a weekend in Vegas (especially not when you might end up getting drunk, broke or married).

You can still enjoy the sweet taste of Vegas without having to lose your underwear at the CRAPS table.

Instead of rolling the dice, give your guests sweet candy in a “Roll the Dice” candy tin.

Not as cool as Las Vegas, but definitely sweeter.

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21st Birthday Damask and Faux Bow Cake Pops

21st Birthday Damask And Faux Bow Cake Pops

Sure, people expect birthday cakes.

But they’re a pain in the ass, aren’t they?

… buying the ingredients one by one (I always end up forgetting something)

… spending hours baking the cake, only to have your kitchen look like a tornado hit it

… cutting the cake into small pieces… Careful! Not too small. Careful!!! Not too big!

Ugh…such a hassle.

Isn’t there an easier way?

Oh yes, there is: Cake pops to the rescue!

0 hassle, beautiful design, personalized message.

Note: You get 3 cake flavors, 3 icing flavors and 10 drizzle colors to choose from.

What more could you hope for? Save yourself the headaches…

Oh, and don’t let the beautiful design fool you – these chocolate flavored cake pops are DELICIOUS.

Tip: Sure, a birthday cake is still pretty much essential. But instead of baking 5 different cakes, you can bake one, and serve cake pops instead. Diversify baby!

Get from Zazzle

Funny 21st Birthday Party Favors

It’s true that alcohol makes you laugh for no reason. But that doesn’t mean you should get away with lame 21st birthday favors.

Not if it’s up to me, and not if you’re reading these words!

Trust me – it would be a LOT better to make your guests laugh their head off for real.

You’d be surprised what a few funny 21st birthday giveaways can do to a party…

Jello Shots Syringe – Its Lit Design For Drinking

Top Funny Favor
Jello Shots Syringe Its Lit Design For Drinking

When the party gets “on fire”, it’s time ditch the shot glasses (unless you want them to break) and go for the “heavy weapons”: Jello shots!

Note: They’re bigger than they seem in the picture. One shot from the syringe will get you good and drunk.

Your party is LIT… Bring out the Jello shots!

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Funny Birthday Photo Booth Props

Funny Birthday Photo Booth Props

We already had mugshots earlier in this post.

What if your guests want to take pictures without their grandma calling the next day worrying their grandchild got arrested?

Photo booths props to the rescue!

Now you can take cool pictures without giving grandma a heart attack.

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Luxury Combed Cotton “Bring Me Some Wine”

Luxury Combed Cotton Bring Me Some Wine

I think these socks speak for themselves, don’t you think?

Tip: If you want to annoy your spouse, wear them and point your feet at them. They might just get you some wine (or they’ll chase you down the room)

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Cheap 21st Birthday Party Favors

Lucky for you, most 21st birthday party souvenirs are pretty affordable, to begin with…

But if you’re finding yourself spending more than you hoped for on this party – then it might be time to start tightening your pocket a bit there, sunshine.

Don’t worry… I’ve got you covered with a bargain section just for you! With these awesome birthday souvenirs, you still get to spoil your guests without having them call you a cheapskate behind your back.

21st Birthday Party Personalized Ping Pong Balls

Top Cheap Favor
21st Birthday Party Personalized Ping Pong Balls

What the hell are you thinking playing beer pong with regular ping pong balls? Have you lost your mind?!

Just kidding…

Seriously though – if you’re planning to play beer bong (aka the “official” 21st birthday game), then why not take it up a step or two and personalize the ping pong balls?

Your friends wouldn’t see it coming… Sure, they probably won’t remember a lot when they wake up the next day, but they’ll have a personalized keepsake from that crazy night!

Get from Etsy

21st Party Wine Glass Charms

21st Party Wine Glass Charms

Good luck charms?

Naah, that’s lame.

Wine glass charms?

Much better!

You can add a special touch to your drinks with these cute wine glass charms.

Just in case your guests get too drunk to remember how old the party girl is – they’ll have it attached right to their glass.

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21st Birthday Personalized Stadium Plastic Cups

21st Birthday Personalized Stadium Plastic Cups

“Stadium cups? Are we in a Yankees game or something?”

Hang on, are you saying a Yankees game is more special than your 21st birthday party? Get the hell out of my stadium!

A 21st birthday is a MUCH bigger deal than a stupid baseball game. So what do you say we steal the idea of the birthday stadium cups, personalize it for your 21st birthday party, and make the crowd go wild?

I’m sure the Yankees will forgive us (and focus on winning a damn championship already).

Get from Etsy

21st Birthday Gift Bags & Goodie Bags

You’ve chosen your favorite 21st birthday souvenirs… Now what?

Now, it’s time to put everything into a nifty little goodie bag!

And if you thought you can get away with using a lousy plastic bag, then you’d better think again.

They say “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”. But when it comes to birthday souvenirs – people DO judge your favors by its cover… so you better make sure your covers are as cool as your actual giveaways.

Note: In fact, a recent study showed that we judge products based on its packaging even more than we’d like to admit.

Pink and Black 21st Birthday Cake Party Favor Box

Top Gift Bag
Pink And Black 21st Birthday Cake Party Favor Box

Having the birthday cake is one thing.

But after you leave the party – no more cake 🙁

Until they open the favor box and discover the cool 21st birthday favors you’re prepared for them…

And what do you know – the favor box is even designed after a birthday cake.


Get from Zazzle

Purple Disco Ball and Sparkle Heels Favor box

Purple Disco Ball And Sparkle Heels Favor Box

Magical. Sparkling. Glamorous.

How would you want your guests to describe your 21st birthday party?

Well, you can definitely describe this favor bag with any of these, so I would say you’re headed for a good start.

Get from Zazzle

21st Birthday Diva Girl Favor Box

21st Birthday Diva Girl Favor Box

“Oooh la la!”

How chic is this favor bag?

You’re 21 – you’re legal and loving it… and you have an elegant taste on top of it. Good for you!

Get from Zazzle


Reaching 21 is a freakin’ milestone. It’s one of those birthdays that stick with us for years and years to come.

Trust me, in a few years you’ll look back at your 21st birthday party and you’ll immediately start smiling…

Question is – will your friends smile too?

That’s up to you…

But let me tell you this: if get your guests some unique 21st birthday favors, chances are they’ll remember your birthday party for a VERY long time.

Happy birthday!

21st Birthday Party Favors Large
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