20+ Unique 1st Birthday Party Favors & Giveaway Ideas Your Guests will LOVE (2022)

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Your baby is 1 years old… How exciting!

Can you believe it’s been a full year since you held your baby for the very first time in the delivery room?

And now you’re already celebrating their 1st birthday (and looking for 1st birthday favors)… What the hell, right? 

Since it’s your baby 1st birthday, you better prepare for all the hugs, kisses, and gifts your baby is about to get from your friends & relatives (trust me, they wouldn’t know what to do with all the attention).

Once you’re done with that – the next step to prepare the hugs, kisses, and gifts YOU will give your guests…

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about actual hugs and kisses (I’ll let you decide if you want to go that route). I’m talking about the 1st birthday party favors & souvenirs you’ll give away at your party.

Because let’s face it – how else do you remember a party if not for those awesome souvenirs you got?

Ready? Let’s get this party started!

Note: Some of the party favors below contain affiliate links. So if you decide to buy one of these favors, you’ll be doing me a small favor too 🙂

Top 1st Birthday Party Favor Ideas

SPOILER ALERT: There are a TON of cute & unique 1st birthday party favors in this article that your guests will LOVE.

But what can I say, some are just better than others… and just like any competition – the best ones deserve an award, so I gave them one!

1st Birthday Party Favors for Girls1st Birthday Party Favors for BoysUnique & Creative 1st Birthday Party FavorsPersonalized 1st Birthday Party Favors1st Birthday Party Treats & Candy FavorsCute & Funny 1st Birthday Party FavorsCheap 1st Birthday Party Favors1st Birthday Party Goodie Bags & Boxes1st Birthday Favors Tags & Stickers
Top Favor for Girls Top Favor for Boys Top Unique Favor Top Personalized Favor Top Candy Favor Cutest Favor Top Budget Favor Top Favor Bag Top Favor Tag
Personalized Birthday Stemless Wine GlassPersonalized Birthday Stemless Wine GlassElephant Boy Baby Shower Favor BoxesElephant Boy Baby Shower Favor Boxes1st Birthday Number Soap Favors1st Birthday Number Soap FavorsFirst Birthday Temporary TattoosFirst Birthday Temporary TattoosPersonalized Birthday Hersheys KissesPersonalized Birthday Hersheys KissesWooden Maraca Wood Rattles Musical Party Favor Wooden Maraca Wood Rattles Musical Party FavorBulk Toys Party Favors For Kids Bulk Toys Party Favors For KidsFun To Be One 1st Birthday Party Favor Boxes Fun To Be One 1st Birthday Party Favor BoxesPersonalized Fancy Frame Gift Tagsfor 1st BirthdayPersonalized Fancy Frame Gift Tagsfor 1st Birthday
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1st Birthday Party Favors for Girls

First and foremost, let’s take care of the ladies (sorry boys, you’re up next).

Remember, the baby is only 1 years old…chances are the cute toddler hasn’t got lots of friends yet.

Right now, mommy and daddy’s best friends are also the baby’s best friends…so you better prepare cool favors the adults can play with.

Personalized Birthday Stemless Wine Glass

Top Favor for Girls
Personalized Birthday Stemless Wine Glass

 Your little one is only 1 years old… So I guess it’s a little early for her to enjoy a glass of wine?

 Fair enough…

 But does it mean she can’t be part of the celebration?

 Hell no!

 Trump has his own Trump Tower, your 1-year old baby has her own personalized glass! 

 That way, when your guests get drunk and forget where they are – a quick look at the glass will do the trick.

Think about it:

  • Your guests get to wash down their cake with their very own 1st birthday souvenir
  • Your little one gets to have their name written on a wine glass
  • And you? Well, less dirty dishes for you!

That’s a win-win-win right there.

Get from Beau Coup

8 Count Minnie’s 1st Birthday Blowouts

8 Count Minnies 1st Birthday Blowouts

These blowouts are a fantastic (and affordable) party favor for all the kids at your little one’s 1st birthday.

The other kid’s parents might not like you very much afterward (what with all the noise the kids will make), but the kids will sure have fun.

Get from Amazon

1st Birthday Wristbands

1st Birthday Wristbands

What’s a fantasy party without a cool wizard wristband?

Have your guests wear the wristbands throughout the party or slip one into everyone’s goody bag.

Whichever way you have it, I guarantee that these bracelets will be a hit with both kids and adults.

Note: Remember – Harry Potter started his “wizard career” when he was a baby… You better make sure your 1-year-old doesn’t fall behind.

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1st Birthday Party Favors for Boys

Boys are harder to shop for… fact! (it’s also true when they grow up, by the way)

That doesn’t mean you can’t get unique & memorable 1st birthday favors the little boys will love.

You’d be surprised how many cool souvenirs you can find for your little one’s 1st birthday party.

No way is your little ray of sunshine made of snips and snails and puppy dogs tails… and these giveaways will prove just that!

Elephant Boy Baby Shower Favor Boxes

Top Favor for Boys
Elephant Boy Baby Shower Favor Boxes

Nothing screams “thoughtful” better than this handmade souvenir.

Ditch the usual goody bag and go with these party favor boxes.

At 2.95 x 2.95 x 2.95 inches, these boxes are the ideal size to fit some chocolate, candy or a keepsake (I’m feeling a little hungry all of a sudden).

Better yet, complete each souvenir by dropping a thoughtful thank you note in each box, and you’ll have everyone talking about your party for a LONG time!

Get from Etsy

Whale Themed 1st Birthday Beer Can Cooler

Whale Themed 1st Birthday Beer Can Coolers

Remember the personalized wine glasses?

Well, most men tend to prefer beer…

So same rules as the wine glasses: the big boys get to cool their beers with these cool can coolers (that’s a lot of coolness), and your little boy gets to have his name on his very own personalized beer can cooler (until he’s old enough to actually drink from it).

Let’s drink, (eat cake) and make merry, shall we?

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Personalized Wood Hair Brush for 1-Year-Olds

Personalized Wood Hair Brush For 1 Year Olds

Although a little generic, a wooden personalized hairbrush would be a lovely little party favor for your guests: both young and old, male and female. (just be careful not to offend the baldies)

I love how each brush comes in a beautiful box along with a thoughtful personalized card.

Give a memorable keepsake by customizing the brushes with a personal message commemorating your little man’s 1st birthday.

Get from Etsy

Unique & Creative 1st Birthday Party Favors

If you like crafts, then you’ll LOVE these unique and creative 1st birthday souvenirs.

They might not be DIYs, but they are oh-so Pinterest-worthy (don’t forget to “Pin”)… your guests will love them!

Whether you’re going for a formal or informal birthday party –  creative party favors are ALWAYS welcome.

First Birthday Teething Rings Favors

Top Unique Favor
First Birthday Teething Rings Favors

Let’s face it – most birthday favors are kind of useless. Most parties I’ve been to, I tossed the giveaway the moment I left the party.

So imagine how your guests (the other parents) will feel when you actually give them a 1st birthday party favor that’s actually useful.

Fellow parents will adore you for these thoughtful party giveaways.

And you can bet your little one will have many more play dates after that.

Tip: The teething rings are tested for safety and are CPSIA certified. So the babies can chew away!

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1st Birthday Number Soap Favors

1st Birthday Number Soap Favors

Everyone is using soap (I hope).

But here’s the thing: soap is boring.


Unless you give away a personalized 1st birthday soap, where YOU get to pick the scents, the ingredients and the colors that match your party theme.

How about that? Is that boring?

I don’t think so…

Tip: For an extra personal touch, you can include a special gift tag with a personalized message.

Get from Etsy

1st Birthday Party Photo Booth Props

1st Birthday Party Photo Booth Props

How do you make your guests unleash their goofy side at your party? You give them booze of course!

Better yet, you give them alcohol AND a photo booth!

Why stop there though? Go the extra mile and get photo booth props.

Your guests will have fun, and you’ll end up with awesome photos for your photo album… win-win!

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Personalized 1st Birthday Party Favors

Most of the 1st birthday souvenirs I mentioned previously involve some kind of customization…

But the personalized 1st birthday party favors you’re about to see deserved a section of their own…

A personalized keepsake makes for a significant and lasting memory of your baby’s special day… but you don’t want something that’s too common and obvious.

You want something special and unique. An out-of-the-box favor. A favor that will have your guests talking about your party for days to come.

Am I right?

Well, brace yourself, because that’s what this section is for…

First Birthday Temporary Tattoos

Top Personalized Favor
First Birthday Temporary Tattoos

Imagine your kid is 15 years old…

They come home, and you discover they just had a tattoo. How would you react?

I’d be FREAKING OUT, that’s for sure…

Relax… these tattoos are temporary, and it’s personalized for your kid’s 1st birthday. That’s not crazy, that crazy cool!

Both the kids and adults will love having your kid’s custom tattoo on their arm throughout the party.

Tip: Better yet, have a different tattoo for each guest, and you will have yourself a great conversation starter.

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Create a Photo Party Hat

Create A Photo Party Hat

Show me a party without a party hat, and I’ll show you a boring 1st birthday party.

Note: Heck, I even designed my website logo (yes, the pyramid) after a party hat!

Honestly though, who doesn’t love party hats?

Better yet, who wouldn’t love a party hat customized with your little one’s photo?

Tip: You can customize it further by picking out the colors of your choice to go with your birthday party theme.

Go ahead… customize away!

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1st Birthday Party Treats & Candy Favors

What’s the first thing you do when you go to a birthday party?

Sure… you first say hello to the party boy/girl (it’s rude otherwise).

But then – I’m off to the races and I get some treats and snacks.

And I don’t care what everyone else says – most people on earth do the same! (Only difference is I’m ready to admit it)

Whether you’re sweet-tooth or not, everyone will have a WAY better time if there’s some candy around.

Personalized Birthday Hershey’s Kisses

Top Candy Favor
Personalized Birthday Hersheys Kisses

Don’t just go for any sixpenny chocolate you can find at the store, go for Hershey’s… everyone’s favorite!

It’s your baby’s FIRST birthday party. I’m sure you can afford to spoil your guests with quality chocolate, rather than some cheap, questionable chocolate that’ll make everyone sick the next day.

And of course – personalize the Hershey’s Kisses for your kid’s 1st birthday, and that’s a recipe for a freakin’ happy guest.

Get from Beau Coup

Princess & Cake 1st Birthday Personalized Cake Pops

Princess Cake 1st Birthday Personalized Cake Pops

You know what’s even better than birthday cake? Delicious princess cake pops for your little princess!

Which of these sounds better?

  1. You spend hours baking a cake
  2. You spend even more hours (or money) decorating and personalizing it for your child’s first birthday
  3. You cut it into little pieces
  4. You serve the cake
  5. You wrap each cake into a goodie bag
  6. You clean up the mess

Ugh, that sounds tedious…

Now, let’s compare it with these personalized princess cake pops:

  1. Order personalized cake pops
  2. Serve & wrap into a goodie bag
  3. Done

The choice is pretty clear, isn’t it?

Tip: Better yet, you can customize the cake pops with a message or photo of your choosing.

Get from Zazzle

1st Birthday Vintage Princess Candy Tin

1st Birthday Vintage Princess Candy Tin

Delicious candy + cute personalized candy tin = one helluva 1st birthday souvenir.

Why give away 1st birthday candy treats & favors separately, if you can combine the two?

After eating all the candy, your friends and family will still have a tin which bears a particular photo or message marking your baby’s first birthday.

Better yet, the tin can always is reused to store more candy in the future!

Now tell me that’s not a cool keepsake!

Get from Zazzle

Cute & Funny 1st Birthday Party Favors

We already settled – nobody likes a boring birthday party.

True – your guests come to a birthday party to celebrate with you. But they also want to have a good time… so give it to them!


Well, these funny 1st birthday party favors is a damn good start…

Wooden Maraca Wood Rattles – Musical Party Favor

Cutest Favor
Wooden Maraca Wood Rattles Musical Party Favor

If you think this is simply a kid’s toy, think again.

You’d be surprised how crazy adults can get when they see Maracas lying around. All of a sudden everyone thinks they’re Mexican…

But what the hell, it’s your kid’s first birthday party… Let everyone go nuts! (You might want to wear earplugs though)

Get from Amazon

Birthday Party Rubber Ducks

Birthday Party Rubber Ducks

Aaah to be 1 year old… you get to play with a rubber duck when you take a bath, and no one judges you… What if I still want to play with a rubber duck 🙁

But I digress…

Bottom line is: rubber ducks are cute, and as a 1st birthday giveaway – they’re not only funny but also quite handy for parents with a baby in the house.

Tip: Especially if you’re planning on having a pool party… “Unleash the ducks!”

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Bunny Gift Soap Favors

Bunny Gift Soap Favors

Remember what we said about soap being boring?

Not when it’s shaped like a cute little bunny (and smells phenomenal)!

Customize the soap with a ribbon color of your choice and a personalized label, and you have yourself a favor that is bound to be a hit at your little one’s 1st birthday party.

Bonus: The bunny soap bars arrive packaged and ready to gift… You have 0 work to do (besides ordering them).

Get from Etsy

Cheap 1st Birthday Party Favors

Thank goodness most party favors are already cheap by nature. I even went the extra mile and included affordable party favors that won’t break your bank.

Well, if you’re on a really tight budget, then you’ll love this section.

This section goes beyond the extra miles (2 miles?).

It includes 1st birthday souvenirs that are both extremely cute, and ridiculously cheap.

Enjoy 🙂

Bulk Toys Party Favors for Kids

Top Budget Favor
Bulk Toys Party Favors For Kids

You know what they say: when push comes to shove – buy in bulk.

You’ll find any party favor under the sun in this MASSIVE 100 piece (!) collection.

  • Princess Wands
  • Whistles
  • Yo-yos
  • Mini frisbees
  • Noisemakers
  • Toy Jewelry

Just to name a few.

It’s simple: a ton of kids in the party = a TON of toys.

That way, “no child is left behind” (and no adults are left behind either).

Get from Etsy

Personalized Milestone Birthday Candy Jars

Personalized Milestone Birthday Candy Jars

I love reusable party favors because you know for sure they’ll last for a long time. No one likes giving out party favors that your guests end up throwing away at the parking lot.

Candy jars are already incredibly useful. All you’ve got to do is personalize each lid with a unique design & custom message – and now you’ve got a gift that is not only useful but meaningful.

That’s how you make sure everyone remembers your kid’s 1st birthday for many years to come.

Get from Beau Coup

Inflatable Rainbow Beach Balls Favors

Inflatable Rainbow Beach Balls Favors

Beach party? Summer party? Birthday party?

Why choose, if you can have it all?

OK, OK, to be fair, I can’t promise you a beach if you live in the middle of the desert. But I CAN promise you beach balls. LOTS and LOTS of beach balls!

But not just any beach balls…

I’m talking 8 rainbow balls, 2 flamingo balls, 2 clownfish, 2 tortoise, 2 luau and 2 smiley face balls.

Damn… that’s a lot of balls, isn’t it?

Well, of course!

And let me tell you… if you think only the kids are going to have a “ball” (pun intended) playing with these lovely beach balls, you’re in for a huge surprise…

Get from Amazon

1st Birthday Party Goodie Bags & Boxes

Now that you’ve picked out the ideal 1st birthday party favors for your guests, where will you put them all?

You obviously don’t want to spoil the perfect 1st birthday party favor by putting it in a lousy party bag or boring gift box.

Your goodie bag has to just as awesome as the party itself!

Fun to be One – 1st Birthday Party Favor Boxes

Top Favor Bag
Fun To Be One 1st Birthday Party Favor Boxes

It’s pink, girly, shiny, and elegant!

It’s your little girl’s 1st birthday party… She deserves number #1!

Bonus: These favor boxes come with tags and a matching pink ribbon.

Get from Amazon

One Glitter Confetti – 1st Birthday Pink & Gold Favor Box

One Glitter Confetti 1st Birthday Pink Gold Favor Box

Ever opened an Apple product?

Remember how exciting the “unboxing” experience was?

The lesson here is this: packaging matters.

When you guests will open the goodie bag – they’ll see your little girl’s name written on this glittery yet elegantly designed box

How do you think they’ll feel when they open it?

Get from Zazzle

Primary Fun Favor Bags

Primary Fun Favor Bags

Giving away sweets or gummy bears?

Instead of wrapping it in a random favor bag. Why not go a wrap it in a personalized one? The price is nearly the same, and you get a nice little personal touch to it.

Tip: Besides candy, you’ll find that these bags come in handy for other party favors such as toys, trinkets, crayons, etc.

Get from Shindigz

1st Birthday Favors Tags & Stickers

You’ve got the party favors all figured out…

You’ve picked out the ideal favor bag…

You’re probably thinking: “Everything is set for the big day, right?”


What about the 1st birthday favor tags and stickers?

I know, I know – it’s a freakin’ sticker! How important can that be?

One of the biggest lessons I learned in web design is that the small details matter. The same applies when you’re designing a cool birthday party favor.

Look at it this way: your baby is small. Would you say they matter to you? 🙂


Personalized Fancy Frame Gift Tags for 1st Birthday

Top Favor Tag
Personalized Fancy Frame Gift Tagsfor 1st Birthday

Thinking of getting a plain “Thank You” note and call it a day? Or worse, handwriting a thank you note yourself?

With these fancy 1st birthday gift tags, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Personalize
  2. Order
  3. Attach to favor bag/box

Get from Amazon

Fun to be One Water Bottle Sticker Labels

Fun To Be One Water Bottle Sticker Labels

Remember the “Fun to be one” 1st birthday party favor boxes mentioned above? Well, there are also “Fun to be One” water bottle sticker labels to compliment favor boxes.

Still pink and glittery, you can use these cute stickers to dress up your table in a unique & fun way. 

Tip: You can also use these stickers on (small) wine bottles.

Get from Amazon

1st Birthday Stickers

1st Birthday Stickers

Damn this sticker is cute…

If you are looking for a sticker for a boy’s 1st birthday party, then this vibrant blue sticker would be perfect for the occasion.

I know I know, the baby does stick his butt out… How inappropriate is that?! 

Just kidding… 

Seriously though – you can completely customize it with your own design: you can change the patterns, text, picture (if you don’t like the whole butt thing)… go nuts.

Tip: Honestly – the picture is pretty cool as it is. Just change the name and you’re all set.

Get from Zazzle


How cute was this?

A cute baby deserves to give away cute birthday party souvenirs for his 1st birthday!

I hope you found a couple of 1st birthdays favor ideas that you, your guests AND your baby will LOVE.

Now that you’ve got the souvenirs taken care of, the only thing that’s left is the hugs and kisses part.

I think I’ll leave that to you 🙂

Happy birthday!

1st Birthday Party Favors Large
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